Likewise, RAR is better at compression than ZIP, but it, too, requires other software prior to use, even for simple data extraction/decompression. Users can extract files from RAR and ZIP folders. This can be done by right-clicking on the folder to access the context menu as well as in the application.

can't open rar file with 7zip

Indexed Color is described at Color Palettes .PNG can replace GIF today , and PNG also offers many options of TIF too (indexed or RGB, 1 to 48-bits, etc). PNG offers an 8-bit mode to replace indexed 256 color GIF files, or a 24-bit mode for a possible 16.78 million colors for photos . PNG was invented more recently than the others, designed to bypass possible LZW compression patent issues with GIF .


You can use CSV files most typically for importing and exporting vital data to and from your database, such as customer or order data. Furthermore, you may open CSV files in a variety of spreadsheet tools, including Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets.

JPEGs offer you the most flexibility with raster editing and compression making them ideal for web images that need to be downloaded quickly. Lossless image formats capture all of the data of your original file.

Part 1: Why Can’t I Open SCC the Zip File?

Again, this is relative to your needs and budget. Compression actually reduces the size of a file by taking out redundant information from each file and then creating a reference for later use when you decompress the file. This allows you to send the files over the internet much easier and for users to lower the amount of needed storage. If you find corrupted data blocks on your archive, try repairing them with hex editor.

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